Where Do I Begin to Address Issues of Chronic Infections, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme or Toxicity?

Where Do I Begin to Address Issues of Chronic Infections, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme or Toxicity?

Volume 1 Issue 7  Jun 22 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow

There are many examples of chronic fatigue syndrome, which in fact is most often NOT just one issue but a tangled collection of vulnerabilities and insults, emotions, and metals or microbes like parasites, fungus, co-infections.  The AmpCoil is designed to attend to all of the above in a gradual and safe, customized, personalized fashion gated by the voice analysis guidance to show where the internal hidden pockets lie unresolved. By easing the weakest link in the chain and attending to these hidden signals from the body, the entire chain can be strengthened in an accelerated fashion towards homeostasis.


Do I start on the Worst Infection First?  When using the ampcoil, most people with Lyme do NOT start with the spirochete harmonics. They may be too ill to start detoxing before supporting normalizing their organs, drainage systems, and repair injuries. They begin neutralizing fungus, parasites, flukes, mycoplasma, etc. And many say they feel 80% normal again. What? How? What about the spirochete! All your symptoms are not all Spirochete symptoms. Spirochetes may be a main part of CAUSE but if you want to FEEL better you need to address the out of control immune cascade.


The Immune Cascade can attack invaders or attack the self. This cascade is a sequential amplification system that is sequentially more intense, with progressive logarithmic larger effects and wider recruitment of immune cells, chemotactic agents, endorphin pain killers, cellular fibroblasts and scar tissue, edema and other platelet and collagen issues leading to edema, scar tissue and organ interference. Interleukin messengers and sulphur can shut off the cascade once the insult is subdued. The thymus then remembers the issues and makes memory cells for the next exposure to be ready in advance. The anaphylactic shock therefore occurs not on the first bee sting but the second insult when the memory cells attack quickly and overwhelmingly to a known past invader.


The Key is the Keep the Kids Quiet. Allergies and chronic infections act like Anaphylactic reactions but in slow motion, using similar chemical and immune and histamine cascading pathways. Keeping this system quiet with Zinc loading for grounding is always a good idea, since zinc wakes the stem cells at 4 am to clean yesterdays mess from the body while sleeping. If parasites ferment enough alcohol to keep you awake at night, depleting minerals, fermenting alcohol which deplete zinc, B vitamins and prevent the stem cells from cleaning on a regular basis leading to backlog of toxins and potential mutated distorted and chaotic cells and systems, making you vulnerable to cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, gout, arthritis, obesity, and hormone disruption, mental illness, and premature aging.


If the infection continues unabated, so too does the immune and thymus gland cascade, bone marrow induction and acidic, sticky blood will ensure impairing oxygen delivery. So clean before you kill or the HERXHEIMER flu like reaction can be debilitating in an otherwise already taxed person. Use Zinc to Think, Zinc for Pink, Zinc if You Stink, Zinc for skin like mink. ZInc adrenal power to skate the rink. ZInc for mind if you need a Shrink. Zinc for the hormones of the Winky Dink . The prostate produces zinc for sperm which captures light energy at the point of conception when sperm meets the egg showering the zygote with light for induction of the process of life.


For the above reasons, the AmpCoil supports the immune system with primers containing all of the above including zinc, left spin, PEMF, plus minerals, hydration, oxygen for grounding necessary for detox. The progressive organ drainage pathways are opened to release stored toxins and promote healthy bioterrain.