What are some of the Hidden Causes of Illness and Co-Infections Causing Common Diseases?

What are some of the Hidden Causes of Illness and Co-Infections Causing Common Diseases?

Volume 1 Issue 4  Jun 19 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow

You may have been sick for so long you and your health care professional don’t recognize the cause and onset of the illness and its entangled cofactors or secondary symptoms over time due to the disruption of either nature and nurture. The medical profession may be baffled by the invisible hidden pathogens, seeing only the external symptoms like the skid mark of an accident but not the true cause. Unfortunately, doctors “Practice” on you by trying alternative suggestions, medications, radiation or operation, treating only your symptoms, but not asking what lies beneath.


For example, let us looks at the majority of health care costs due to lung and heart disease or cancer and autoimmune disorders which account for 75-80 of all diseases and are heavily related to oxidative stress. Do you have asthma or do you have lifelong untreated pin or round or fluke worms in the lungs? Do you have a tooth abscess or a bioterrain shift from mercury to alter terrain in the mouth pH to foster  streptococcal infection?  Do you have lack of dopamine causing tremor and shuffling gait as in Parkinson’s Disease or are you missing a correctable dopamine and zinc thief like a fluke worm  or Toenail Fungal fermentation of brain toxins called aflatoxins?


Do you have cardiac chest pain called “angina” from cholesterol or inflamed arteries from a hidden sexually transmitted commonly missed diagnosis of a Rickettsial infection like Chlamydia pneumoniae or Chlamydia trachomatis of genitals, exchanged with sex partner? Or do you suffer other intracellular infections, like Mycoplasmas, or Red Blood Cell oxygen thief like malaria or Protozoal Haematobium, or dental infection of heart from these or other infections like Lyme disease in the bloodstream infecting the Coronary arteries? Do you want the cost, risk and pain of unnecessary cardiac  bypass surgery or would your rather vibrate those inaccessible microbes easily with a cellular penetrating magnetic PEMF Wave of energy and biofeedback therapy carrying support codes directly to the wound, at a fraction of time, cost and possible avoiding an invasive operation?


Always, when discussing diseases, these are simply organ failures, hidden under a category label, and likely are due to such a degrees of homotoxicology overload, that the immune system cannot address the underlying  hidden signals indicative of stressors called microbes, metals, toxins impairing the body’s circulation and delivery of oxygen. Changing the conditions, the substrate, the environment can change the outcome. The Bugs are only the messengers of a distorted bioterrain that invites them to thrive in conditions abnormal to the human zone for best physiology.  So don’t blame the bug. Blame the conditions that invited it. So Treat the soil not the bug, shift the vibration of the playing field to change outcomes.


Albert Einstein says” Changing the Frequency changes the manifestation of the mass”. So AmpCoil changes the frequency of body tissues, enhancing proper normal tones, and downplaying the sharp (inflamed) or flat (degenerative) tones or notes of microbes, metals and toxins  and tumours. Our goal is to proactively help prevent toxic overload, reduce oxygen deprivation, enhance circulation and flushing of byproducts of metabolism normally, regularly and efficiently. In this way we hope to prevent the resultant predictable stress related demise and premature aging of otherwise exquisite human systems that could live long if clean enough.  AmpCoil changes the frequency of the body, restores homeostasis, opens drainage pathways, nullifies microbes with sonic dismantling, neutralized metal toxicity with free activated supercharged electrons to act as virtual antioxidants, and it fosters with zinc and other minerals, the hydration and delivery of oxygen that rectified the deadly acid problems underlying many modern illnesses.

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