Volume 1 Issue 14  June 29 2017 by Deborah Drake

Volume 1 Issue 14  June 29 2017 by Deborah Drake

What is the safety profile and issues related to Bioenergetic devices? The use of biotechnology must be set to levels that are physiological to be effective without negative side effects..  A variety of options exist in the marketplace with various indications, bandwidths, power outputs, and timing sequences. These other devices are PEMF only or may typically emit a broad spectrum of frequencies for each pulse. It’s not a targeted sound vibration carried to the root area of concern on the PEMF wave. Less is more.


Mass Predicts Vibration. Since this time, this understanding of frequency dependent on the molecule weight of various substances or organisms has been well documented by the NASA and Russian space programs and frequency related bioresonance therapy has been developed into the Bioenergetic industry of today with countless devices in the past decade developed for human use. The military uses radio and other frequency codes of a high level of vibration, the music industry uses Radio stations play music in the Kilohertz to megahertz range, and physicians use X Rays at high invasive ionic radiation to envision the body interior.  AmpCoil however is noninvasive, low energy, low frequency and only uses the physiological range of notes on the grand piano, with no known negative side effects.


The Brain is Delicate . The use of high powered low frequency codes that enter the brain with PEMF should be done with care in the young brain, especially given the more thin skull bones and ease of penetration to their brains. Also the unborn child brain is just or more delicate thus AmpCoil has not been tested in this setting  and therefore PEMF therapy should be avoided in pregnancy, breast feeding.


High Risk Clients needs closer supervision and concurrent consultation with their trusted informed Health Care Professional to avoid complications. Please be cautious with clients with intercurrent illness, debility, dehydration, excessive medications, or intoxicated or non compliant states. Be judicious in avoiding new detox programs  while simultaneously undergoing intensive medical therapy such as Chemotherapy or Radiation for cancer since these modalities depend on oxidative stress to kill the disease. So ampcoil ability to neutralize free radicals and oxidative stress may cause a reduction in the effectiveness of these treatment. Thus use the AmpCoil on days that are interspersed from the chemotherapy or before and after it is done.


Safety issues are primarily related to the grounding of the individual and whether they are hydrated and hold enough minerals to be able to handle the increase in conductivity of the applied energy from the AmpCoil. Those whose cells are already tired, damaged or leaking energy will have to be addressed slowly at the level of tolerance of the individual . Various confounding issues, such as concurrent diseases, medications, intoxication, dental amalgam reservoirs of toxic metals and other genetic influences, dietary issues and attitude all have to be understood, evaluated, measured and monitored for tolerance. Those with implanted electronic devices like a pacemaker, defibrillator, acoustic nerve cochlear implant, hearing aids, or other metallic implants of ferrite metals, and less so for inert metals like titanium teeth implants or limb metallic implants or metallic heart valves should avoid direct contact with the magnet within 1.5 to 8 feet.