Volume 1 Issue 12  June 24 2017 by Deborah Drake

Volume 1 Issue 12  June 24 2017 by Deborah Drake

What is voice analysis? Voice analysis is the process of recording a thirty second sample of the voice. The vocal cords act like a celluloid cassette tape recording frequencies and transmitting this information through our incredible communication network of the conscious and unconscious autonomic nervous system. CIA lie detector tests have been modelled and perfected and attached to a databank of normal vs abnormal codes for a rapid comparison for deviation from the mean scores, to help highlight areas of the most distress.


How does voice analysis work? Sweeping through various tones can trigger the vibration of different structures and molecules. Molecular weight predicts the Voltage signature of any molecule, with different voltages for differently weighted tissues, giving each unique organ or molecule a unique vibrational fingerprint. These vibrational signatures can be detected by the sensitive information processing of the vocal cord innervation connection between the Autonomic nervous system, especially the Cranial Nerves 8 9 10 11 12, plus connections to the central switch board of the brain, the thalamus, which is entwined with all global conscious and unconscious signals in the body.


How does my voice read information about my health? By using this integrative communication network and analysing deviations from the normal, with particular attention to the missing cracks in the voice print, or elevated or suppressed volume of the voice, we can make accurate determinations of areas outside the mean causing stressful patterns, as indicated by the voice print. These patterns can be compared with a standard data bank in seconds, given the rapid nanotechnology speeds of computers these days. The sorting priorities and delivery of specific, personalized, customs programming to retrain the body is the niche of success that offers no SIDE EFFECTS, only precision correction by overwriting corrupt files in the body with proper healthy signals again.


Why does my voice analysis change when I repeat it only 5 minutes later?

Through the process of instantaneous biofeedback, which alters oxygen through improvements in microcirculation of blood flow to the capillaries, flushing oxygen into the cells and flushing carbon dioxide and metabolic waste out of the cell, the body changes moment by moment. While the blood pH tends to remain stable at 7.4 pH, the metabolism may be draining, or going through oxidative stress, or absorbing minerals better, or breathing with more relaxation, causing reduction in oxygen consumption. THe overall effects of biofeedback especially when deeply delivered into the intracellular spaces from the magnetic influence of PEMF, can trigger millions of changes per second. One biophoton of light, which is an accelerated activated electron, can trigger the cell protein receptors to foster 4 Billion epigenetic light and vibrational switches on the DNA. THis changes the chemistry of the body, the protein production and energy plant of mitochondria in particular. SO now two measurements will be alike.


Organ Clock times are Respected in the AmpCoil for best Physiology. Furthermore, since organs only work for 2 hours per day at a specific time, followed by a 2 hour rest period, then a full 20 hours of dormancy, then the use of the AmpCoil at different times of the day is accessing different organs in the normal course of their physiological excretion or absorption. So pay attention to the organs that are not settling, or chronically stress and give them extra attention, at the time of day when they are most active and receptive. This is why the entire AmpCoil BetterGuide software was templated upon the normal anatomy and physiology of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Organ Clock to help organs function at their best time of day for maximum integration and therapeutic effect and success without side effects and fractured, fragmented costly invasive procedures.