What is meaning of the Magnetic Gauss Measurement?

What is meaning of the Magnetic Gauss Measurement?

Volume 1 Issue 13  June 28 2017 by Deborah Drake

The high powered PEMF devices advertise that higher the gauss the better the results, and that is why the high gauss machines are more expensive. Many people ask what is the gauss of the AmpCoil, and if it’s not a high number it must not be an effective device. The key here is to know that the gauss changes with each frequency. So the power of the amplifier is key to be able to fluctuate according the the oscillating changes in frequency of the biotune journey played. Note the highest amplifier output of upwards of 200 watts is required to penetrate the brain wave speeds of 7-50 hertz, whereas the higher frequencies only requires 20 watts of power to push through the body.


Its not the highest gauss but the most relevant frequency network signature, which is 10 hertz network in AmpCoil to focus the magnetic field at the highest range of 10 milligauss to interface with key cell proteins, gates and mitochondrial energy centres. By recharging the mitochondria first, we no longer need to overdrive the body with harmfully intense magnetic or frequency generators. Instead the cell is happy, charged up and ready for the work to be done, accepting the subsequent frequencies with open arms instead of an aversive abreaction or fight or flight response due to lack of respect for the natural levels of energy in the human biofield. The body is sensitive and does not need to be hammered but rather pampered.


The gauss reading is a measure of magnetism instead of electricity. It is the polarizing force that helps organize cells, chakra alignment, and opens the magnetic gates of the acupuncture points called nadis and collections of Nadis called Marma points. These magnets are very sensitive and only require a small amount of subtle energy input to open or close. By regulating these points and opening the flow of blood and energy called “Chi”, the movement of incoming nutrition, and exiting toxins is fostered.


The lowest frequencies require the most power to produce a magnetic wave due to the long wavelength of elements less than 50 hertz. These often relate to the brain, bone, muscle, and silent tissues of the body driven by the unconscious autonomic nervous system. So they are invisible in the first instance, and subtle in the second instance, and easily influenced by the invisible but powerful magnetic wave of PEMF to align tissues and improve flow.


Other devices may not have the same high level of engineering fidelity, the low signal to noise ratio from our shielded cables, proprietary smart circuit boards, super efficient cooling systems necessary to cool the COIL art the low frequencies for the brain that use so much power.  In addition, the precision of the software BetterGuide program to deliver exactly what is needed and only to where it is needed, helps with the speed and tolerance of our device. The use of the PEMF to piggyback additional biofeedback further augments the efficiency and organ specific or microbe and metal specific remedies to the source problems, thus reducing risk, time and side effects.  The 10 hertz signature network we have chosen primarily addresses the mitochondrial energy and thus acts like a battery charger to all other operations, for better tolerance and reduced side effects. SO clients tend to use the device more regularly, gradually improving over time at a more rapid and tolerable speed without recurrences, which fosters confidence and compliance to continue this action as a lifestyle rather than a one off silver bullet.