What are The Top 10 Things you may not know about Lyme?

What are The Top 10 Things you may not know about Lyme?

Volume 1 Issue 16  June 27 2017 by Deborah Drake

  1. Lyme disease mutates every hour with Outer Surface Proteins that change to cloak the bug on the inside of the cell from the immune system detection and eradication leading to chronic immune irritation & exhaustion.


  1. Lyme can lay dormant until another insult weakens the  immune system and allows it to come out of dormancy to express itself.


  1. Lyme disease is not one infection but a collection of coinfections and syndromes with associated conditions, and gradual degeneration of the entire immune defense.


  1. Lyme disease is not well understood by medical profession since many 20/22 common allopathic medical tests are poor in sensitivity and specificity, and are commonly falsely negative due to the overwhelming low immune system in general to produce antibodies.


  1. Thymus infections or insult with inhaled hydrocarbons damages the plasma cells that produce frequency specific antibodies to each and every illness on the entire frequency spectrum scale. So avoid smoking or inhaled fumes to repair thymus


  1. Lyme disease requires a multifaceted approach to change the BIOTERRAIN towards homeostasis, plus restoration of physiology and thorough removal of pathogens, microbial interference, restoration of normal flora with probiotics.


  1. Lyme disease successful eradication has been shown to occur using a more total body holistic non invasive immune supporting modality with AmpCoil for magnetic PEMF therapy couple with Tone Specific Neurofeedback.


  1. Lyme disease recurrences are common unless you use AmpCoil to eradicate simultaneously from the entire blood, lymph, organ, meridian systems the unwanted interference pattern from this evasive pathogen known to hide for decades.


  1. Lyme disease sufferers typically are ill for years, at immeasurable cost for loss of productive work, medications, support therapies, and debilitation affecting psychosocial and spiritual plus family and community wellbeing, causing untold cost of suffering.


  1. Lyme can be transmitted from mother to baby and breast milk, through saliva, sex, through skin and oral contact, and thus it is a disease that can affect an entire family.


In summary, Lyme disease has increasingly and alarmingly become an epidemic in the world.  Get informed, Get protected and get treated with AmpCoil as the most efficient method of eradication and prevention of recurrences. Get your life back with an affordable modalities, built by experts in their field for humanitarian relief.


Join in the AmpCoil community effort to help put energy back into the population in a safe, fun and easy way, lowering morbidity and mortality while putting the power back in the hands of the people to determine their own health destiny by becoming informed stewards of their own health.