Volume 1 Issue 9 June 24 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow

Volume 1 Issue 9 June 24 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow

Disease is Noise – Health is Music !

People complain of symptoms, which are actually just expressions of altered function underlying the ‘disease’ conditions. For example “ What’s the connection from my specific health condition to microbes, metals toxins”? Doctors labels don’t discuss  the underlying microbes. So let’s look at some common examples.  You receive a diagnosis of asthma…check for chronic pinworms. Lyme disease…check for  spirochete and Rickettsia. Diabetes…rule out tapeworm or pancreatic fluke. Before medicating the condition, its is wiser to determine the underlying causes, which are causing subtle or obvious changes in minerals, hydration and pH controlling bioterrain which alters acid alkaline compartment and blood levels of Carbon Dioxide, which affect oxygenation, circulation and the entire supply and delivery chain of the body’s intake of nutrients and output of toxins both natural and unnatural. So if the soil conditions change, a different crop grows. Oxygen is key.


AmpCoil is the Jukebox to deliver Tuning and Toning Vibrations to cultivate better Bioterrain

So too in the body if we change the body Bioterrain “Soil” with lack of minerals, lack of hydration, poor acid base balance, then we invite pathogens, microbes to overwhelm our normal flora and initiate inflammation or degeneration.  For example, Diabetes is typically the end result of blood sugar disturbances from flora and fermentation damaging the pancreas, inviting infections like tapeworm, fluke, and candida to further rob vital minerals.  So by vibrating the body organs into perfect tune and tone, opening the drainage gates, flushing deeply with PEMF inside cells to rid microbes or toxins that are otherwise out of reach of the immune system, AmpCoil can can help detox regularly and peel the layers of the onion before a disease risk accumulates and manifests.


The AmpCoil BetterGuide software mimics Mother Nature. Neurofeedback is a modern method of internal body restoration of bioterrain through entrainment using musical tuning to boosts energy, oxygenation, meridian magnetic flow, red and white blood cell motion and oxygen delivery and promote normal organ drainage as a natural defense to our stressful and changing environment. AmpCoil’s BetterGuide guidance system sees in the dark the hidden issues, and offers precisely tuned support to help restore the tone of the normal tissues, and reduce the “Noise” or discordant vibrations that are causing harmonic distortion in the body. It’s like an orchestra with instruments out of tune. Once tuned, each section of the orchestra or body/instrument can work better together in an integrative fashion to restore balance called HOMEOSTASIS. The orchestra is in tune and can resist any disease or disharmony.


Bioenergetic Therapy is like music rehearsals or physical exercise that requires repetition and practice. It took some time to deteriorate and dismantle the immune, gut, filtration systems, circulation, digestion, excretion systems so be patient and consistent and attentive;  and give yourself the time and attention on a regular basis to build back up your bio-electric muscle to reclaim your bioterrain once and for all and share this success with those you love.