Volume 1 Issue 8  Jun 23 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow

Volume 1 Issue 8  Jun 23 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow

Why are Spirochetes so dangerous to the brain and hide so long undetected? Spirochetes are microbial infections, like Lyme disease or Leptospirosis Rat Bite Fever or sexually or congenitally acquired Syphilis. They are stubborn infections since Spirochetes can burrow into the inside of the cell with their corkscrew spiral shape and can get deep inside the body & brain.The spirochete affects the immune system in a very unique way since it can hide INSIDE the cell intracellularly, hidden from the immune system with a protein deflection shield on the outside of the cell hiding it from the immune system. In addition, the Outer Surface Protein A and B on Lyme disease are similarly found on other infections, like Candida, Proteus, Rickettsia and E Coli. So the immune system may believe its under an onslaught of other infections as well due to cross reactive molecules. This can lead to ongoing immune triggering and no end to the relentless autoimmune inflammatory molecules, messengers and symptomatic debilitating consequences of inflammation leading if unchecked to degeneration.


Why is the Herxheimer reaction so bad in Lyme Disease Clients? When we use PEMF like AmpCoil, it opens the gates and enters the inside of the cells and organelles like mitochondria energy transforming battery component of the cell. As mentioned, Lyme disease often has co-infections, so more than just the Spirochete can be nullified, and the die off reaction to other infections can may symptoms flare temporarily until the entire immune system is set back to normal homeostasis. The good news is that you can systemically progress and peel the layers of many infection down while building the immune system up. Our goal is to help you feel better, but over time, to allow the gradual restoration of ultimate optimal health. When you are ill, however, who wants to wait a year to heal?


How do I prevent Recurrences? Once the backlog of toxins, microbes, metals and interference is dealt with, there is less likely chance of recurrence. The body’s energetic systems, when less burdened, take care of the backlog over time, which alters the bioterrain to a better pH, Oxidation status and mineral platform, which can help prevent the invitation to opportunistic infections. The further improvement in oxygen and energy helps provide energy for motion, movement fosters lymphatic and blood flow for better drainage of edema, which may assist in pain, immobility, and mood or sleep interference. This may lead to better energy output, restoration of appetite and thirst, and this in turn absorbs more minerals for better enzyme control and bone mineral reserves, fostering faster catalysts in reactions and stopping the exhaustion.


Keep vigilant to the source of infections. Note many in one household could share the contagion and reseed recurrences between partners parents and children.  Be careful travelling, in airports, using new foods or processes.  High risk immunocompromised individuals, addicts, steroid users, antibiotics abusers beware.


Keep vigilant to the environment stressors. Check out your home office and surroundings for invisible and visible stress.  For instance, control electrosmog exposure, by moving from depressive hydro towers, avoiding EMF polluting devices that paralyse the body defence systems, like cell phones, cordless phones, television in the sleeping area affecting the magnet of the heart and immune system. Avoid smoking, fumes, paints with lead, mercury fillings or lead root canals. Avoid sugar which is a right dead spinning molecule to depress the liver with fructose and which can feed fermentative microbes, especially Candida and Fungus infections.  Avoid dehydration and drinking dead water (Reverse osmosis, high alkaline water, Distilled water) and instead use living spring water with minerals, or structured water.  Avoid fumes and alcohol, phenol newspaper ink, dyes, solvents, smoke, mold and other environmental insults. Eat organic local foods without the estrogens of pesticides or plastics, antibiotics, hormones and other adulterants