Volume 1 Issue 18  June 30 2017 by Deborah Drake

Volume 1 Issue 18  June 30 2017 by Deborah Drake

How Does AmpCoil help the Circulation and Oxygen?

The AmpCoil BetterGuide System and its Normalizing Design for tuning and toning the body can actively reverse stuck energy and sticky blood, and reverse the poor bioterrain and the trend toward oxidation and premature aging. The reduction in stress, infection, and congestion in the body overall improves the FLOW. This leads to less downstream pressure that the heart must pump against, and improves energy for motion, to resist a sedentary or bedridden life due to exhaustion. THis in turn burns calories, moves lymph, regulated weight through proper minerals related enzymes and thermostatic control from endocrine organs (Chakra centres or energy centres).


Acknowledge that knowledge is power. The ongoing death due to cardiovascular disease followed by Cancer and Autoimmune disease trends need ongoing attention, especially with an aging population, or an addicted population, unwittingly and unknowingly infection with poor bioterrain and depleting pathogens robbing them of vitality. Even the medical profession has no time, lab money or interest in solving this issue. Furthermore the millions if not trillions of dollars spent on erasing the symptoms of inflamed arteries has still not address the root causes of pesticides, metal toxicity, and hidden infections, especially from the mouth of infected feet worldwide.


The AmpCoil was designed to address this stagnant costly trend. By naturally improving all organ pairs for yin and yang balance in the Seasonal Organ Tuning, and fostering maximal nutrition support and organ draining in the CLEANSE JOURNEY, and by addressing organ by organ microbes, metals and toxins, the weak zones are exposed, addressed, corrected and revitalized.  


How does this all happen? Its simple to open the circulation if you can stop the infections, bad soil and insults. So AmpCoil addresses each of these issues, regularly at each session in the autopilot SMART CLEANSE so no medical or nutrition prior knowledge is necessary. Simply follow the program from A to Z with opportunity for intensive circulation cleansing throughout the  Primers, Boosts, Detox Modules, and Custom & Special Journeys.


How does PEMF improve the Circulation? Pulsing waves oscillate and push electrons and gate open, starting movement of fluids and acupuncture meridian flow to create a fluid EMF electro-magnetic field or Fountain or VORTEX of energy, powered by the Heart. By opening up the circulation and conduction of blood and energy or CHI flow, and improving the thermostats called Endocrine organs that join the light, sound, mechanical and chemical control systems of the body, Stress and resultant pain and suffocation be reduced and peak performance can be hopefully restored and achieved as Mother Nature Intended through Oxygen Delivery