Volume 1 Issue 15  June 29 2017 by Deborah Drake

Volume 1 Issue 15  June 29 2017 by Deborah Drake

What is the difference between Sound Therapy and AmpCoil Sound Technology? The world of music is not limited to sound. The world of vibration is not limited to the audible or palpable touch low end frequencies. LIfe is a spectrum with various intervals being important for life.


Vibrations or wavelength are infinite from low sounds that are inaudible or Subsonic sounds affect Brain to high end vibrations in radio, heat,, light, laser, xray, cosmic and gamma waves plus the spiritual high end 51 to 56 octaves above the piano range.  By way of contrast, a stereo is audible in the SOUND range as it has a tweeter for high pitch sounds (2500 hertz to 15,000 hertz),  a mid range 246 hertz for middle C on piano to 5000 hertz and a low bass range of 50-240 hertz. However the brain wave speeds and bones, muscles and organs need slower and more powerful vibrations at 4-50 hertz in the inaudible SUBWOOFER vibration range below hearing range which is typically registered as audible vibrations between 20 and 20,000 hertz. The ability to listen to inaudible vibrations is key for neurofeedback..  So the AmpCoil is tuned to cover the most important ranges of frequency relative to human health, including the subwoofer brain speed zone, and avoids frequencies outside of the range of normal human vibration, avoiding EMF that could cause harm, such as infrared or ultraviolet light.


So the AmpCoil is a multifaceted Bio Resonance Speaker Coil capable of delivering the BetterGuide Program tuning and toning frequency codes of 7 to 10,000 hertz which covers the lower range of human organs, metabolism, and minerals, and can even go to slower speeds for brainwave entrainment below 60 hertz. So the ability for the AmpCoil to non invasively mimic the normal range of human physiology, without the higher risk of exposure to high frequencies (ie vs high invasive frequencies of a Laser can burn, X Ray can penetrate and cause damage). By contrast, the only heat you feel with the AmpCoil is the warmth of the coil at low frequencies.  The vibration therapy at the inaudible range does not produce SOUND per se, but is rather reformatting the electromagnetic vibration patterns nonetheless.


Safety issues are primarily related to the grounding of the individual and whether they are hydrated and hold enough minerals to be able to handle the increase in conductivity of the applied energy from the AmpCoil. Those whose cells are already tired, damaged or leaking energy will have to be addressed slowly at the level of tolerance of the individual . Various confounding issues, such as concurrent diseases, medications, intoxication, dental amalgam reservoirs of toxic metals and other genetic influences, dietary issues and attitude all have to be understood, evaluated, measured and monitored for tolerance. Those with implanted electronic devices like a pacemaker, defibrillator, acoustic nerve cochlear implant, hearing aids, or other metallic implants of ferrite metals, and less so for inert metals like titanium teeth implants or limb metallic implants or metallic heart valves should avoid direct contact with the magnet within 1.5 to 8 feet.