Volume 1 Issue 11  June 24 2017 by Deborah Drake

Volume 1 Issue 11  June 24 2017 by Deborah Drake

How is an AmpCoil different from a Rife device and a Zapper?

Let us explain briefly the THEORY of Bioenergetic therapies beginning with Rife and other scientists using electrical currents and specified frequencies for microbes. In the 1930’s Royal Rife discovered that various different bacteria vibrated different colors under the microscope. Furthermore, when a radio speaker was placed on either side of his microscope, he could dial various radio station signals at different frequencies, and was able to notate when the color of the living microbe disappeared on his microscope. When the bug exploded with the concordant harmonic resonation of the right frequency, the color disappeared, so Rife called this the “Morbid Oscillatory Rate” or MOR of each bug as distinct from other bugs. HIs work was hidden for military reasons and only resurfaced much later.  


What shatters the bug is Concordant Resonance. Two tuning forks of the same pitch will vibrate together if only one is plucked due to concordant vibrations. Other tuning forks of another pitch will not vibrate. This mimics the human physiology where only matching vibrations act together, leaving the other normal tissues alone, thus causing now side effects other than the local vibration effect.Just like an opera singer who sings a particular note that could shatter a crystal wine glass filled with liquid to match her exact pitch of the note sang, the AmpCoil and frequency generators vibrate in unison with anything of the same pitch. Since the human cells are resilient and strong and can bear music without killing the human cells there is no harm done. On the other hand, the microbes are so small and vulnerable to explosion and disintegration of their walls when exposed to the right frequency matching their pitch,  


AmpCoil Takes advantage of Speed Precision and Penetration for a shorter more effective session with less side effects. Recently, science research shows that it only takes O.2 seconds for the body to absorb a frequency, so the old fashioned long and steady RIFE programs for minutes at a time on one frequency have been replaced with frequently oscillating, 3 second bursts of notes like a concert, oscillating on frequencies for positive organ support with constructive interference, or the reduction of microbes, metals and toxins with destructive interference. The oscillations of the AmpCoil are far more physiological in power, penetration, speed, oscillation and the power of PEMF to enter the cell, thus delivering frequencies directly to the cellular organelles for deep and lasting penetration at a fraction of the time since the PEMF magnet allows the frequencies to flow INTO the cell instead of just AROUND the cell.