Volume 1 Issue 10 June 25 2017 by Deborah Drake

Volume 1 Issue 10 June 25 2017 by Deborah Drake

Medical conditions or Diseases are only labels, that indicate the the vibration pattern of disharmony, that lead to acute or chronic nature of the organ stress. So we address the root microbes, metals, toxins and genetic or environmental influences to reduce this organ stress. Do you have asthma or do you have worms in the lungs? Do you have a tooth abscess or do you have streptococcal infection?  Do you have Parkinson’s Disease or a Fungal fermentation of  brain toxins called aflatoxins? Do you have angina or a missed diagnosis of a RIckettsial infection like Chlamydia or Lyme disease in the bloodstream  infecting the Coronary arteries? DO you want a bypass surgery or vibrate those inaccessible microbes easily with a cellular penetrating magnetic PEMF therapy carrying support codes without an operation?


Find the Hidden Culprit with Voice Analysis . Under the disease labels are underlying stressors called microbes, metals, toxins. For example, the histamine overload causing airway restriction known as wheezing or asthmatic bronchitis can be managed with vibration. Often its as easy as identifying the trigger, such as Helminthes infection, then use vibrational frequencies on a powerful modified Bioresonator coil to shock, disrupt, dismantle and remove Whipworm TRICHURIS from the lungs. Alleviating this WORM triggering histamine and bronchospasm, may help  the need for further antibiotics or inhaled steroid which only feed the enemy and tax the immune system. Another example is the Common Streptococcal infection seen in teeth mouth and sore throats, which can dangerously migrate to heart, joints and kidney or more commonly cause a duodenal ulcer. Treating this with inappropriate alkaline antihistamines only worsens the symptoms and missed the root cause of my duodenal ulcer. The ampcoil will search for strep and related ulcer pathogens like Helicobacter pylori or pinworm . So the labels in diagnosis of medical conditions are not necessary but the rather the goal & focus in bioenergetic medicine is to change the environment to inhibit pathogens and foster normal human conditions.


Every person is unique with past history, genetics, environmental exposures, infections, dental work etc. So Let the voice print tell you objectively what are your issues, hidden or otherwise. Let the vibrations detected in the voice print help determine whether your indigestion is related to stress in microbes, or metal mercury, or toxins from fermentation of yeast. Every person has common organs and physiology, but a different toxic load. So focus on the voice analysis to guide you to the root cause of these common pathogens.


Interrupt the Problem at the Source. Doctors have forgotten that common infections triggers hundreds of illnesses.  You may recognize these common patterns but that doesn’t make them NORMAL. They deworm dogs don’t they? They why do we not routinely deworm ourselves, who live in with animals or  pets, eat sugar and gluten related provocative foods, imbibe in alcohol, sex and travel. All this makes use vulnerable to common food poisoning, sexually transmitted diseases, waterborne illness, and pet related infections. For example, take  Enterobius Pinworm and Ascaris Roundworm which are very often the unseen culprits of a variety of debilitating symptoms, yet are grossly underdiagnosed and untreated by the Allopathic medicine doctor since they are hard to find.


Worms are multi-generational. Worms and other infections are passed through womb, mouth, are swallowed triggering indigestion, duodenal ulcers, leaky gut syndrome and bloating, intestinal cramping and pain, Don’t forget the emotional component to histamine and worry and low Serotonin in Yeast from lymph swelling plus low dopamine from worms can trigger exhaustion, depression, or high fermentation of acetone triggering anger, aggression, ADHD, autism or psychosis, obsession, addiction and many other maladies which are entirely preventable.