As you make moves to repair your body cells and organs, it’s important that you know the available devices that can make this dream a reality, quickly and effortlessly. The developers of AmpCoil have chosen to fulfill their promise to you, and right before you is an App which uses mathematical algorithms to send customized frequencies into your body in response to the voice signals which it receives.

Compatible with the Android Tablet, the BetterGuide App is a tone generator that accompanies the AmpCoil PEMF device. The App brings health and healing to your doorstep without costing you so much.

Features of the BetterGuide App

This App has two main features – Biofeedback Voice Analysis and Modern pure tone generator. With these key features, you can tune up your body organs or tone down microbes, metals, and toxins. The ideal frequencies can also help reboot your brain and bring harmony to your mind, body, and emotions. Not all frequencies have positive effects on your body; hence, BetterGuide prescribes frequencies for you, based on the analysis of your voice print. Ensure that your AmpCoil PEMF device comes with a case that contains an Android Tablet, charger, Amplifier, Cord, Testa Coil and speaker cord.

How does it get your voice print, you ask? After setting it up on your tablet with internet access, you proceed to speak into the App, and then check the biofeedback for results. The following are particular functions of the App:

  • The App can detect what your body needs by paying attention to the vibrations in your voice.
  • It gathers information about your brain as well because it breaks the blood-brain barrier.
  • Using voice analysis, it can identify the unhealthy patterns in your body.
  • It contains over a hundred Journeys which you can make a choice, depending on the results of the voice analysis.
  • The tone generator has over ten thousand frequencies from which the App chooses the frequency that most suits your body’s expectation.
  • Interestingly, the names of the items in the voice analysis and those in the Journeys are the same; so, you can find what Journeys you need without trouble.

Why BetterGuide?

You may be wondering about all the emphasis on the App. From the research carried out by our AmpCoil team, you’ll be glad to learn that BetterGuide targets persistent issues in your body, ranging from your skin, nerves, brain, cells, to even your blood. We agree with studies that insist that no single PEMF device works for everyone. That’s why we’re offering you the option of a unique device that customizes your Journey to respond to the vibrations of your body. It is designed for you, your voice, and your body system.

With the aid of the Tesla-Based PEMF delivery system, the App offers you pure tones which turn your vocal patterns into data which can be used to keep you properly informed of your health status.

Your Customized Smart Journey

After you have received the results of the voice analysis through biofeedback, you get to select a Journey that matches your body’s imbalance. Journeys make up a playlist of different programs which address the problems which the analysis identifies in your body. Some of these Journeys include Pain, Sports Injury, Stress, Deep Sleep, Digest-Ease, Brain Reboot, Nutrition, Cold Chest, Positivity, Organ Support, and Restoration. As we carry out updates on the App, the programs will increase.

Most of all, the App is user-friendly and suits people of different ages. Just make sure you keep the speaker close to the area of focus. You can then get a more precise analysis. If you need help with setting up your App, we’ve got a reliable support system.

Get in touch on our website – or send an email, or join a live chat on the site. Your health means everything to us.