Questions (and answers) about Lyme disease

Questions (and answers) about Lyme disease

Volume 1 Issue 6  Jun 21 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow


Why am I so susceptible? Lyme disease for instance is a multifaceted threat to health, given its tiny size, deep hidden intracellular penetration and cloaking proteins for invisibility, it target in neurons and blood, which affects the nervous system, CNS and Autonomic nervous system ANS.  So it essentially attacks the control centres of the entire body leading to demise in the entire communication, circulation, digestion, regulatory and excretion systems affecting the systemic total body defence systems.


How did I suffer such Deregulation of my Defence Systems? People have a mindset with Lyme disease that the eradication of the spirochete would cause a return to normal health. However, we need to enlighten clients that that spirochete has damaged other systems, nerves, thymus and immune plus hormone regulating thermostats, transport chains and membrane gates, cellular DNA RNA repair and mitochondrial energy systems and regulatory  mechanisms, and this weakens the immune system . This loss of minerals leads to a loss of immune resistance which further fosters the cell vulnerable to other infections; thus LYME disease is commonly associated with Secondary co infections leading to complex conditions with overlapping and distracting symptoms.  Lets see how complex this can get in a hurry with an example of coinfections of Lyme disease. The tick bite may have carried Borrelia burgdorferi or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, or the Spider bite may have carried Yersinia Pestis plague, or Ehrlichia or Epstein Barr  Virus among other possibilities.


Why is my immune system unable to defend itself? Once infected and immune system is distracted, the exhausted surveillance of hormonal, gut, brain, and immune system then became vulnerable to Bartonella cat Scratch Fever, or Brucella from bovine contact, then they become low in MONOCYTES which help retard yeast infections, which ferment alcohol and phenol fumes like “nail polish remover acetone” causing immune and fat cells to disintegrate. The wasting of nerves, muscles including brain and heart can lead to chronic exhaustion and further susceptibility to other infections and eventually autoimmune myelin sheath erosion, numbness, brain fog, muscle weakness, and listless life lacking in emotional and spiritual energy.

Before I had lyme I was really healthy. Why did lyme cause me to have all these other infections? The immune Cascade amplifies attention to invaders via a precision communication, cellular response and chemical, Light sound and vibration systems to deal with invaders, This histamine driven system is called the TH1 and TH2 Signal Transduction pathway, lead by the cytokine messenger called Death hormone (TNF for Tumour Necrosis Factor Alpha), a bugle boy messenger, triggered by vitamin D and Monocytes, and found beside the genes for celiac plus autoimmune disease genes. This trio works together with other messengers called INTERLEUKINS to trigger an immune cascade, and this system only shuts off the alarm bells for recruitment of immune helpers when the infection is subdued and when there is enough SULPHUR to stop the cascade. So SULPHUR is KEY to the defence system, such as protective sulphur in Glutathione, N Acetyl Cysteine and Proline in the body to donate cleaning power.  Cleaning may be required before killing infections due to the backlog. S0O keep up the sulphur rich diet, using foods like garlic, onion, mustard, curry, turmeric, ginger, apricots, beans. Clean Your Spleen. Furthermore promote bone marrow, blood and  spleen cleaning especially necessary for fungus and yeast infections by producing PEROXIDASE like hydrogen peroxide to foam and dismantle large microbes that are too large to be engulfed by white blood cells which can gobble up smaller bacteria and viruses.  Eat peroxidase rich foods to support the spleen such as radish, horse radish, pears, parsnips, and zinc rich Zija Moringa Oleifera  (the Horse Radish Tree). Hydration is key to help drain the body or exiting toxins pushed to the exits by the frequencies retuning and toning frequencies causing organ release. So drink a pure spring water source often and early .