How to overcome an infection, immune cascade and Lyme disease

How to overcome an infection, immune cascade and Lyme disease

Volume 1 Issue 5  Jun 20 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow


Will I Immediately Feel Normal After Ridding My Infection? A hidden burden triggers a relentless immune cascade. The body has enough work to do on its own without further burdens so there is double or triple duty and much more to cleanse and repair before having to pay extra attention to clearing foreign proteins, fumes or microbes. This is particularly true  for instance, in Lyme disease due to Spirochetes evasiveness if they’ve had Lyme disease or chronic fatigue for a length of time.


What is the Immune Cascade? Remember the Immune system has an amplification system to maximize defences which induces a CASCADE EFFECT that is hard to shut off once started unless the infection is settled. In prolonged infections, the immune system may run out of messenger molecules, minerals, white and red blood cell defences, histamine exhaustion and other issues especially dehydration that accentuate the problem and make for chronic relentless fatigue related conditions. The loss of regulatory control therefore must be regained in addition to the neutralization of the invading microbial pathogen. This may take time and persistent attention as well as supply of raw material, especially vitamin D to activate the immune cells and protect myelin sheath, along with its cofactor vitamin K from Probiotics and leafy green veggies, that promotes proper blood coagulation and prevents sticky platelets and low serotonin in platelets due to infections and yeast interference.


Beware of Compounding Issues! Infections or trauma trigger comorbid malabsorption, acquired celiac diseases due to infections and resultant leaky gut junctions. There is impaired absorption of raw materials especially proteins in the jejunum and thyroid /adrenal related mineral absorption. Without minerals there are no bolts to hold shape form and function of organs. Note pathogens steal the same vitamins humans need for their colony, so the longer an infection resides in the body, the more depleted the key minerals for electrolytes and enzyme catalysts will be present.


Why So Sensitive? This can lead to dehydration, emotional distress, and lack of grounding and ability to tolerate bioenergetic technologies.  This can be further confounded with pain, fatigue, lack of motivation or funding to attend to prolonged therapies especially if debilitated and off work due to chronic fatigue issues. These clients need help getting back on their feet in a concentric, safe progressive gradual way and the AmpCoil journeys are designed to step through a series of physiological hoops to restore normal bioterrain, reassert defences and restore vitality through improved oxygenation and microcirculation to all capillaries.


The trick is that Lyme disease can move and evade detection or therapy. So Using AmpCoil repeatedly over time to reduce the colony size, prevent recurrence and restore bioterrain to normal eutonia, has been very effective. The key is  to vibrate the entire body simultaneously with our Surround Sound Fountain like COIL Speaker, which bathes the entire body at once in the pulsating biological bath of healthy signalling. This technique of voice guided, deeply penetrating PEMF waves to carry biofeedback frequencies deep into the body and intracellularly has shown to have promising breakthrough in a speedier, less invasive and more tolerable therapy modality than the complex strategies of many predecessors using only one modality at a time. The multi pronged approach works well provided there is hydration, mineralization and oxygenation plus repeated sessions to complete the strip mining of invaders until the entire village is clear of interference.