How Does My Body Detox Microbes, Metals, and Toxins?

How Does My Body Detox Microbes, Metals, and Toxins?

Volume 1 Issue 2  Jun 17 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow

How can my body rid toxins naturally? The body has many mechanisms to detox naturally unless overburdened. The study of toxic reactions in the body is known as “Homotoxicology” and taps into the natural intelligence of the body. The distinction of left spinning living molecules, and dead or Right Spinning molecules is the job of  the liver primarily, which uses sulphur, water and peroxidase to neutralize toxins for excretion in the bile, feces, urine and skin or breath. If the body in impaired in this detox process disease can occur. There is a well developed detox system in living humans. There is also a predictable progressive fall from grace into disruption if this detox system is hampered.  Once the body is burdened, the body tries a six step detox process known as Homotoxicology phases (Excretion, Inflammation, Accumulation, Impregnation, Degeneration, De-Differentiation) .


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Phase 1 Excretion: The body normally takes in fuel and discards byproducts like carbon dioxide from breath, sweat from skin, feces from bowels, urine from kidney in a normal yin yang balancing act. Each organ only works for two hours per day at a specific time, thus the circadian rhythms of this intricate supply and demand chain is important to keep in motion.


Phase 2 Inflammation:  If the body cannot excrete normal toxins and they begin to build up, this can lead to a cascade of inflammatory signals to try to push and isolate the body’s vital organs. If there is sufficient Sulphur in the liver joints and skin  to shut off the invasion, or insufficient  immune cells in the blood, or spleen peroxidase to foam and clean the issue, then the inflammation spills over into the ACCUMULATION stage.


Phase 3 Accumulation: Accumulation of inflammatory byproducts can lead to pain, swelling, edema, and loss of function. If the body does not overcome the issue, the immune system continues to weaken, loose key minerals for enzymes, and the entire process slows down into cause cellular fatigue.


Phase 4 Deposition : Once tissues accumulate and loss the ability to discharge and drain, the toxins deposit into tissues, much like lipofuscin brown age spots show on skin over time. As toxins accumulate they distract the chemical cleaning crew in the cell which becomes backlogged in its normal duties, leading to dysfunction. At this point the Deposition phase of deposits in the tissues, than accumulates to such a degree the organ disintegrative function and degeneration


Phase 5 Degeneration phase: Cell deterioration occurs after inability clean, and clear toxic deposits. Degeneration then begins which is more severe and debilitation as the disease progresses into the interior organ. to indicate the death of the tissue, ultimately resulting in further loss of function and the loss of cellular cleaning leading to degeneration of the organ such as Arthritis, Cysts, Tumours.


Phase 6 De-Differentiation : The loss of cellular organization, membrane voltage potential due to leaky cells, and the disruption of the oxygen dependent DNA repair systems cause cells to mutate, and triggers abnormal tissue . This Cancerous process deposits scar tissue to fill the hole in the tissue, but with poor nutrition, distorted chaotic cells De-Dedifferentiate into a tumour or ulcer blocking organ circulation causing organ or circulation interruption leading to stroke or death.  So early attention to ongoing bioterrain health prevents this demise though the delivery of oxygen to all tissues for proper oxidative metabolism, the cure for all disease.