How does AmpCoil and Focused PEMF Biofeedback assist in Stress Reduction?

How does AmpCoil and Focused PEMF Biofeedback assist in Stress Reduction?

Volume 1 Issue 19  June 30 2017 by Deborah Drake

AmpCoil BetterGuide provides the Map and the Tool.  All tissues improve form and function, with the reduction of stress related  inflammatory cytokines that cause swelling and pain and eventual degeneration. The relief of the Primary and Secondary Stress Indicators  causes a quieting of the Fight or Flight or Freeze Response, leading to less sympathetic nervous system stimulation, and more relaxation in the autonomic parasympathetic nervous system, primarily represented by the large VAGUS nerve can restore balance. The Vagus nerve is responsible for innervation of a large number of tissues and internal organs, vessels, glands, and tubular structures like gut, lungs, gall bladder, kidney, ureters, genital organs and breasts .  


Stress Therapy Training accelerated with PEMF Entrainment is the Goal of AmpCoil powered by precision software guidance system called BetterGuide tone generator and voice analysis software,  providing the necessary training wheels and patterns plus sequences of tones like a score of music to retune distorted signals in the body. The purpose is to have fun while learning to better control the body using focused intention, and tools like neuro-biofeedback is to retrain the body to a fluid flexible state of motion.


Basically a reduction in Stress overdrive restores eutonia (Normal tone) instead of hypertonia (High tone) or hypotonia (low tone) leads to homeostasis balance point where there are more reserves and flexible constitution. In this way the body can cope with its tasks and the external demands. This leads in time to the overall reduction in cellular fatigue, aging, dehydration, aging,depletion of neurotransmitters by invasive microbial thieves. Clean bodies live longer. The cleansing and improved conduction of signals along nerves is key to overall communication and the ability to modulate or flux to a changing environment and internal metabolic needs.The AmpCoil has the rare and unique ability to focus of selective frequencies of the spinal cord and nerves, muscles, blood vessels and can penetrate with low subwoofer sounds the actual brain for entrainment directly on the nerve centres,, such as the ganglion nerve centres of the brain, the brain stem for unconscious control as well as the cortex and memory, vision, balance and coordination and communication centres.


Improved brain flow in turn can assist stress reduction, focus, concentration, relaxation, sleep, language and new skill acquisition and learning improvements, especially for those this learning challenges brought on by poor nutrition and circulation due to undetected parasites or pathogenic processes such as microbial food poisoning, neurological virus loads, vaccination damage, concussions, malalignments, sinus pressure on pituitary and dental leakage into the systemic circulation. This is in part possible due to the FOCUSED PEMF with a movable Modified Tesla COIL speaker that  can be placed directly over the affected body part. The use of the COIL at the back of the neck junction with the skull most directly accesses the human optical light sensitive port called the Reticular Activating System (RAS), which acts at the speed of light like a wifi connection with the brain.


Light enhances Oxygen enhances Flow to the brain and body. This open light sensitive conduit coupled with the focused pulsations to stimulation oxygen and circulation improves nerve oxygen and function for general stress reduction and overall improvement in each and every organ system since they are all innervated by nerves. So AmpCoil tunes and tones the components of the body so that the body can tend to itself. It is the perfect match of self help, user friendly self awareness modality that is safe, fun easy and rewarding.  The resolution of any toxic load off the liver and other brain cleaning organs can only be of further benefit. Thus the holistic approach of AmpCoil provides a much needed objective gold standard tool of comparison with Mother Nature for truly invaluable guidance with simplicity for all to access.