How do microbes, metals, and toxins affect my health?

How do microbes, metals, and toxins affect my health?

Volume 1 Issue 1  Jun 16 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow


A microbes is a living organism, which can be beneficial or pathogenic and dangerous if infecting the body. These organisms have evolved over millions of years, and share the similar needs to humans for glucose or fuel, oxygen, minerals, vitamins and hydration. Each biological organism lives at a certain pH or Acid base point, and any disturbance in the human oxygen curve can open the door for other invaders to take over and steal food water and air from their host.


Infections occur over time, as unwanted pathogens, simply want to reproduce their colony, and can dominate an organ without proper immune intervention. Pathogens can overcome our normal defences and natural resistance from minerals, healthy bone marrow to produce healthy defenses like white and red blood cells, plus oxygen systems to clean all the body’s extensive cleaning organs like the liver, spleen, kidney, lung, colon and skin.


What is Normal Flora? Microbes are unwanted infections, whereas “Normal Flora” consists of symbiotics helpful organisms that assist the human. The skin is kept waterproof by the acidic mantle of pH 5-6 in skin. The Gut pH is maintained by the vitamin K in PRobiotics.  Vitamins and hormones are recycled by health bacteria.  One example is that normal flora such as Acidophilus bifidus can recycle vitamin B12 and E Coli can recycle hormones to help the gut bioterrain remain as a healthy absorption surface at the right pH.  THere is no point or need to sterilize the body, but instead it is important to keep the proper balance of healthy organisms outweighing the negative infections which trigger stress in the immune system and distract the body from its proper functions.


Metal Toxins

Every item on the periodic table of elements weighs a different weight and can be detected by a voltage detector. Your voice is a perfect voltage detector or Voltammogram. Your voice print contains the vibration of the entire body and all within it. So by comparing your voice to a standard vibration chart of all elements, the BetterGuide Software can detect excessive toxic metals like Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Barium, which can impair the human immune system and neurological tissues. Furthermore the voice can detect the absence of key minerals that act as hardware to bolt the body skeleton and tissues together, and act as catalysts for enzyme reactions as well as oxygen carrying and electrolyte conductors.  The ability to ground the biofield with proper minerals in the proper LEFT spin, and to charge old exhausted minerals by the supply of electrons from the AMPCOIL PEMF magnetic waves helps to restore the normal alignment and form function and health of the body.


How are Toxins / Poisons Affecting my Health?

Toxins are unwanted poisons, foreign proteins, fumes, plastics, and ionic, or radioactive or  negative charged or magnetic particles, fermentation of alcohol, phenols, acetone, aldehydes and other toxic chemical byproducts of metabolism or microbes, or through inhalation, ingestion or absorption from the environment. The voice print is like the score of the orchestra conductor hears all instruments and can discern any unwanted interference, noise, infection, toxin or distortion. Thus AmpCoil’s BetterGuide can map your hidden burdens.