Can Addiction to Pain Medication be addressed with AmpCoil?

Can Addiction to Pain Medication be addressed with AmpCoil?

Volume 1 Issue 17  June 30 2017 by Deborah Drake

Pain is a good example of the end result of missed infections, which can then lead to abuse of pain medications, which by the way are craved by the opioid loving worms. So addiction is not a far cry from an untreated leaky gut. Histamine overload triggers phlegm, edema, redness, swelling and may trigger the body to attack itself causing PAIN. The pain leads to clients seeking relief in drugs, alcohol, sex, or addition to both medical and street drugs. The fentanyl overdose crisis in North America speaks to this unrecognized issue.


Reduce inflammation and degeneration through bioterrain correction which in turn promotes optimal circulation through pH acid control, hydration and mineralization. This is why the AmpCoil’s ability to cleanse organ drainage pathways and reduce pathogens or toxins  that trigger pain may have far and wide spread effects, which in turn may help reduce many distant symptoms., including loss of : emotional grounding, hormone balance, immune regulation, muscle control and relaxation causing spasm and stiffness, poor oxygen exchange triggering anxiety, and demineralization and hyper-conductivity of inflammation aggravating insomnia from parasites disturbing sleep.


Pain is always due to suffocation for lack of oxygen in tissues. It is a symptom of trouble. Don’t mask it with painkillers but rather address the root cause with measuring and monitoring tools to determine the source issues and the impact before during and after therapy.  The AmpCoil accelerates this process with a Natural breakthrough in mimicry of Mother Nature through music entrainment, voice analysis for personal guidance, and custom biofeedback plus PEMF, merging 4 proven technologies in the digital era of speed, precision, power and penetration to map the situation accurately, in real time. Finally you can see and sort out the blockages causing impedance to the flow, such as organ stress, nutritional deficiency, or burdens like Microbes, Metals, or Toxins. Don’t forget the chemistry of organs and spinal segments is intimately connected, and beneath it all,  as emotional connections tether people to their wounds scarring them and making them  possessive of their pain rather than noticing the pathogen or toxins causing it all..


AmpCoil work swell in Pain and Addiction management  since PEMF is a mechanical magnetic force that works  independently of the client’s belief in the technology, working at the subconscious brain and metabolic levels, retraining the body to remember its natural perfection and resilience.  It grooms and guides the physiology back to normal and in particular, the 10 hertz ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate Molecule) in the AmpCoil Signature Network can further can act  to greatly enhance oxygen at the cellular mitochondrial level.


The cell screams for narcotics if in pain, releasing natural opioids called Endorphins. AmpCoil enhances this natural release. This improvement in oxygen related nutrition, and improved oxygen delivery and utilization by the cell causes a local reduction in acidosis induced arterial constriction, clots and autoimmune triggering. AmpCoil assists with PEMF pulsating coupled with tuning frequencies, to improve vital organ function form and blood flow and break up of rolled up “Rouleaux” formation of sticky columns of red blood cells prone to clotting and obstructing circulation such as thromboembolism triggering stroke or heart attack.


Instead of suffering acute or chronic pain, you have the option to choose another modality:Focused biofeedback enhanced  Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency therapy with a FOCUSED coil placed right on the area of pain may help with direct immediate natural relief.