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Volume 1 Issue 9 June 24 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow


Disease is Noise - Health is Music ! People complain of symptoms, which are actually just expressions of altered function underlying the ‘disease’ conditions. For example “ What’s the connection from my specific health condition to microbes, metals toxins”? Doctors labels don’t discuss  the underlying microbes. So let’s look at some common examples.  You receive [...]

Volume 1 Issue 8  Jun 23 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow


Why are Spirochetes so dangerous to the brain and hide so long undetected? Spirochetes are microbial infections, like Lyme disease or Leptospirosis Rat Bite Fever or sexually or congenitally acquired Syphilis. They are stubborn infections since Spirochetes can burrow into the inside of the cell with their corkscrew spiral shape and can get deep inside [...]

Where Do I Begin to Address Issues of Chronic Infections, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme or Toxicity?


Volume 1 Issue 7  Jun 22 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow There are many examples of chronic fatigue syndrome, which in fact is most often NOT just one issue but a tangled collection of vulnerabilities and insults, emotions, and metals or microbes like parasites, fungus, co-infections.  The AmpCoil is designed to attend to [...]

What are some of the Hidden Causes of Illness and Co-Infections Causing Common Diseases?


Volume 1 Issue 4  Jun 19 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow You may have been sick for so long you and your health care professional don’t recognize the cause and onset of the illness and its entangled cofactors or secondary symptoms over time due to the disruption of either nature and nurture. The [...]

How might microbes, metals, and toxins be related to my health condition?


Volume 1 Issue 3  Jun 18 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow The lack of attention to the predictable demise and progressive phases of homotoxicology may result in disease. Diseases are often related to microbes or toxins, that result in the loss of form or function of an organ. Doctors labels this as disease, [...]