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What is the best approach in AmpCoil Journey Session Intervals, Timing and Progression ?


Volume 1 Issue 20  June 27 2017 by Deborah Drake & Geneva Bigalow *This format is only for suggestion, and can be altered based on tolerance, skill level and goals. BetterGuide Format 3 session /week Preferred Journeys Minutes of PEMF Session 1 Relaxation and Brain Support Relax all, Brain Boot, Feel Good 33 - 66 [...]

How does AmpCoil and Focused PEMF Biofeedback assist in Stress Reduction?


Volume 1 Issue 19  June 30 2017 by Deborah Drake AmpCoil BetterGuide provides the Map and the Tool.  All tissues improve form and function, with the reduction of stress related  inflammatory cytokines that cause swelling and pain and eventual degeneration. The relief of the Primary and Secondary Stress Indicators  causes a quieting of the Fight [...]

Volume 1 Issue 18  June 30 2017 by Deborah Drake


How Does AmpCoil help the Circulation and Oxygen? The AmpCoil BetterGuide System and its Normalizing Design for tuning and toning the body can actively reverse stuck energy and sticky blood, and reverse the poor bioterrain and the trend toward oxidation and premature aging. The reduction in stress, infection, and congestion in the body overall improves [...]

Volume 1 Issue 14  June 29 2017 by Deborah Drake


What is the safety profile and issues related to Bioenergetic devices? The use of biotechnology must be set to levels that are physiological to be effective without negative side effects..  A variety of options exist in the marketplace with various indications, bandwidths, power outputs, and timing sequences. These other devices are PEMF only or may [...]

Volume 1 Issue 12  June 24 2017 by Deborah Drake


What is voice analysis? Voice analysis is the process of recording a thirty second sample of the voice. The vocal cords act like a celluloid cassette tape recording frequencies and transmitting this information through our incredible communication network of the conscious and unconscious autonomic nervous system. CIA lie detector tests have been modelled and perfected [...]

Volume 1 Issue 11  June 24 2017 by Deborah Drake


How is an AmpCoil different from a Rife device and a Zapper? Let us explain briefly the THEORY of Bioenergetic therapies beginning with Rife and other scientists using electrical currents and specified frequencies for microbes. In the 1930’s Royal Rife discovered that various different bacteria vibrated different colors under the microscope. Furthermore, when a radio [...]