AmpCoil Sound Therapy

AmpCoil Sound Therapy


With the use of modern technology, fighting diseases and returning to total wellbeing has been made easy. Over time, the human body tends to degenerate and reduce its performance levels. But who says there’s nothing you can do about this? Since 2010, many customers who have used AmpCoil have testified to the lasting health changes that it has brought them. And this is what we base our claims on. We don’t brag about things that AmpCoil can do. Instead, we depend on the feedback we get from our customers, and hope that this will be enough to reach out to more people, including you.

How does AmpCoil Change your Life ?

Your body cells need to be healthy for you to enjoy perfect health. Of course, life happens and these cells get weakened in their functions. Eventually, this results in stress, pain, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and many other conditions. Do these issues get you worried? Even without asking! But is there a solution? Absolutely!

By delivering highly amplified frequencies to specific parts of your body, AmpCoil improves your immune system and repairs the imbalances in your body. This modified Doug/Rife coil is intelligent enough to generate healing frequencies for your body based on the voice analysis and audio output of your device. AmpCoil is just like your doctor who helps you get healing but still depends on your body to heal itself. If you need an energy support that brings you back to nature’s original design, then AmpCoil is the best you’ll get.

AmpCoil as an alternative healing method

Our statistics show that many of our customers have used AmpCoil and gotten very satisfying health results. This support system has proven very effective in enhancing the quality of life which people live. We understand that things sometimes go bad when we least expect. But rather than give in and let life take its toll on you, you need to take tiny and bold steps towards staying alive, active and healthy. This is why we have a system that responds to your body’s immediate needs through frequencies (PEMFs).

What do you get with AmpCoil?

AmpCoil makes use of targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology to generate electromagnetic frequencies for your body cells. The coil is an electrical resonant transformer which works well when it’s placed on the precise location of the body’s imbalance. By plugging it into your computer or tablet, you’ll experience vibrations that reinvigorate your entire being. You can also expect that you’ll detox if you’ll use this support. Your body may not always get the nutrients it needs from some of the foods you eat. So we can help you get the healthy nutrition that takes you from where you currently are to where you want to be. With our professional advice and expert team, you can trust that our technical package will improve your body’s performance in all areas.

We could keep telling you everything AmpCoil can offer you. But it goes beyond the words. You need to see for yourself and get the best health benefits that this technology can provide you. Get in touch with us or put a call through. We’ll take this journey with you.