AmpCoil’s BetterGuide app

AmpCoil’s BetterGuide app

Android tablet to help your healing

With the AmpCoil PEMF device comes an Android tablet which exports tones and sends them out through the Tesla coil speaker. On this tablet is the BetterGuide app which uses PEMF technology to utilize AmpCoil. Because it’s a user-friendly app, you can find your way around the journeys and other technology that balance and harmonize your body. We’ll take you through the features of this BetterGuide app in a bit.

Biofeedback Voice Analysis

The app uses this feature to pay attention to your body and pick the signals that are being sent. Next, it helps you make a sound decision about the journeys that you need to rejuvenate and restore your body to nature’s original design. These journeys are frequency programs that are customized for you alone. They are designed to address specific problems which your body may be experiencing. Also, they can bring nourishment and balance to your health.

Based on the voice analysis that you get, you choose smart journey and the journeys target areas of your body that require rebalancing. The biofeedback ensures that your voice print is represented mathematically and sent back to you in a way that you know the kind of vibrations that you should pay attention to. Until you’ve achieved full progress on your health, keep listening to the signals and using the journeys that address those issues.


Pure Tone Generator

BetterGuide app has over a hundred pure tones which you can use easily to tune up your body system or organs and reboot your brain so that your body, mind, and emotions may achieve harmony. There are also more than ten thousand frequencies and you’ll find them in the journeys that have been made for you.

This app does a nice job of detecting what is out of place in your body. The aim is to know exactly what deficiencies your body is experiencing and provide solutions that come in the form of journeys. These journeys rectify the imbalances in your system and improve how your body responds to stress or pain. On the app, you’ll find Brave Wave Journeys, and these are the collection of journeys that the voice analysis considers of greater need to your health. We have custom journeys that affect stress, pains or other performance issues that are bound to weaken your body system. Remember that your body needs the detox journey to boost your nutrition and energy level.


How to Use the App

Connect the cord to your device and make sure that the coil is also connected to your device. As you speak, the app analyses the variation in your voice and transforms the audio. The biofeedback system then selects the journeys that your body needs to get in good shape once again. With an internet connection and a single click on Play, you get the app working and all contents you enter into it are strictly yours and stored in the cloud. In cases of updates, you can count on our team to keep making BetterGuide better for you and our other customers that trust us.

We believe that it’s important for you to prioritize your health and do everything possible to live healthy and happy. Are you thinking of trying it out? Let us hear from you.