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BEST Triage

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.



All associates and staff at B.E.S.T. Triage Group are highly-trained, exceptionally dedicated.

John D. Sargent
John D. SargentFounder, OneMindOneHeart.org
John is Doctor of Natural Medicine DNM, Doctor of Humanitarian Services DHS, Diplomate Quantum Biofeedback instructor CQI, Founder of One Mind One Heart Sustainable Life Skills Foundation.
Deborah A. Drake
Deborah A. DrakeConsultant to World Organization
Deborah Anne Drake is a retired emergency and family physician, now practising as a Doctor of Humanitarian Services DHS, Integrative Medicine Doctor IMD,Integrative Health Coach Instructor IHC, a Diplomate Osteopathic Manual Practice DO(MP), Diplomate Instructor in Quantum Biofeedback CQI, Certified Light Therapist, Frequency Matrix Therapist FMT. She currently practices in Toronto and lectures as the Director of Department of Bioenergetics at the Canadian College Of Humanitarian Medicine. She is on Faculty of the Board of Integrative Medicine, and consults to World Organization of Natural Medicine and Clinics for Humanity.

Our Mission

We are here to coach you and spread our vision for BEST TRIAGE GROUP to help focus on the BEST therapeutic techniques with the most productive outcomes for the healthiest life possible. BEST TRIAGE is dedicated to providing leadership, research and development of biotechnology for Sensing human stress related health conditions non-invasively, and to disseminating this information via home devices, training and evaluation techniques for all sectors within the healthcare and sports industry, we help you prepare in this challenging time for a better future.

About Us

The B.E.S.T. Triage Group is committed to providing each client with tools for an exceptional level of self care and attention, with the help of the BEST Technology for measuring and monitoring stress indicators to provide custom solutions for root causes. We are proud to be privately owned by caring and passionate Health Practitioners with decades of experience and to be supported by people that are leading experts in their field. We work together as a team to provide high-quality comprehensive Integrative Wellness Education and Health Care and make sure your needs are met, whether they be a group of individuals or a large corporate structure. We are dedicated to use only the most cost effective safe and user friendly strategies to help you stay on track.



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